Currently Agape Corner  has a need to Mentors!


Mentors are either single men in their twenties who will commit to 1-2 years living and "doing life" with Mentees in one of Agape Corner's homes or older men who will commit to spending regular time with the Mentees each week. Each Agape Corner house has 2-3 Mentors and 2-3 Mentees living in them and all of the houses share a common back yard - ideal for community get togethers, study, basketball and other recreational events. Mentors typically will be graduate students or professionals with full-time careers. Mentors could be recently graduated friends who wish to continue living together and helping other young men for a year or two.

Mentors will join Mentees and participate in Agape Corner's 1-2 year mentoring program led by Steve Murrell, Agape Corner's Executive Director. This is a modest commitment of 1-2 hours each week but promises to be incredibly rewarding.

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(919) 949 2643

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