Who We Are

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Steve Murrell (Executive Director)

Steve is the founding pastor of New Destiny Church in Durham and is the Executive Director of Agape Corner. Steve oversees the mentoring program at Agape Corner. He and his wife Celina have been married for over 20 years and they have two children. 

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Louise Roudebush (Board Member)

Louise founded Agape Corner in 1986 as a boarding school for under-privileged children in East Durham. For over 30 years Louise has dedicated her life to unconditionally loving and helping redirect the lives of hundreds of children by pointing them to Jesus Christ.  Louise is a member of New Destiny Church in Durham.

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Ian Howes (Board Member)

Ian became involved with Agape Corner as a part-time teacher in 1991. Professionally, he is a Managing Director of Accelerator Life Science Partners. Ian is an elder at the Chapel Hill Bible Church, has been married to his wife, Meg for 31 years and they have five children.

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Judy Hackworth (Board Member)

Judy has been affiliated with Agape Corner as a Board member, teacher and mentor for over 30 years. Currently she serves as Treasurer of Agape Corner and LTW Ministries which cares for children, trains pastors and establishes churches in Guatemala.

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Sir Robert Burbridge (Board Member)

Sir Robert is a serial entrepreneur who oversees the operations of the Agape Corner businesses. Sir Robert and his wife Johanna are members of New Destiny Church in Durham and they have six children.


Keith Brown (Board Member)

Keith is an architect by training and a serial entrepreneur. He is currently founder and President of Sun Forest Systems in Durham, NC. Keith has been married to his wife Rebecca for 30 years and they have two children. They are members of Summit Church in Durham.